Throughout my entire research project, my research question changed many times. Initially, I wanted to determine whether the mental health services supplied by universities were sufficient enough for students with mental health issues. Upon reflection, this was a very difficult question to ask and I did not have the resources or capabilities to uncover the … More Reflection

Research Proposal

The topic of mental health is an extremely complicated one that rarely receives the nuance and understanding that is essential to understanding it. Each person’s experience with mental health can be vastly different to another, and this means that each individual case must be treated differently. Though, the nature of the variations means that many … More Research Proposal

Tales of a young YouTuber | Anti-social social media.

Even if you have the greatest content to ever be uploaded to YouTube, that doesn’t mean anyone is actually going to watch it. So, it is advised that your plaster links to your content all over several social media websites. In theory, this sounds like an easy and effective idea. Spreading your content throughout multiple … More Tales of a young YouTuber | Anti-social social media.